2016 All Star Teams


2016 Girls All Star Team
From left to right:
MacKenzie Brumbaugh-Team Captain
Shelby Chartrand, Reagan Lorey, Cassandra Huit, Kelsey Wylie


2016 Boys All Star Team
From left to right:
Ryan Nikolas-Team Captain
Nick Blythe, Johnny Leggett, Donovan Grubaugh, Gregory Miller

The best of the best reign here

At the end of each season, the five girls and five boys with the highest accumulated point totals for the season are named to their respective All Star Teams and receive scholarships. These team members received $200 each, and the member with the highest accumulated point total on each team was named Team Captain, receiving a $250 scholarship.

The Oregon Junior Classic All Star Teams are not chosen. Points are awarded at each of our tournaments to all participants. Some of the points come from participating, while others are earned as bonus points during the five game qualifying process. For those participants that make it into the match play finals at our qualifying tournaments, each receive points according to their final standing.

All Star Team Members now earn banners.  Each white star on the right side of the banner signifies the year they were on the All Star Team. See our Past All Star Teams page.

Bonus points are also awarded for honor scores.