All Star Points

How to earn All Star Points

All bowlers receive 250 points for participation. Must complete a minimum of 3 qualifying games.

Bonus Points

First 3 Game Total  Last 2 Game Total
*800 series Boys 200 535 200
700 series Boys 100 470 100
600 series Boys 50 400 50
*800 series Girls 300 535 300
*700 series Girls 200 470 200
600 series Girls 100 400 100
500 series Girls 50 335 50
All Bowlers
*300 game 200
*299 game 190
*298 game 180
Finals Points:
First Place 200
Second Place 190
Third Place 180
Fourth Place 170
Fifth Place 160
Sixth Place 150
  • Only points to be awarded during the finals will be those listed for 1st through 6th place, and if an honor score is rolled. Honor scores are same value as during qualifying. 700’s are still considered honor scores for girls by OJCTA.


You can also lose your points and this is how it works:Loose 100 points for each offense

*Not turning in recap or failure to fill it out completely

*Failure to follow dress code

*Verbal warnings given by a tournament director for  behavior, swearing or equipment abuse

Failure to have proof of average if you make the cut

An accumulation of points from our tournaments Sep – May will decide the Girls & Boys All Star Teams. If there are any ties that require breaking, total qualifying pins rolled for the season will break that tie.

Making the All Star Team qualifies you for the Tournament of Champions in June even if you have failed to make the match play finals during the season.