First Time?


Need help getting started?

From start to finish, this should get you up and running so you can enjoy your first experience at one of our Oregon Junior Classic tournaments.

The first thing you need to do is complete a little research on your bowling record. Write the results of your research down on a piece of scratch paper.

What is your average on your current league? The average you want to use here is the one posted on your most current winter league sheet just prior to the tournament you intend to enter. For most, that league sheet will be the one you received the day before our tournament. If you bowl more than one league, then you need to choose the average that is your highest. If your current league is a winter league, averages are used only if you have bowled 15 games or more.

Find out what your highest ending average was for last winter league. This is called a “Book Average” and each center usually records this average and keeps it on file. You can also check with your local association or at and use the search engine for “find a member”. Fill in the needed information for yourself, and you will most likely find all of your prior leagues and averages recorded there. Choose the highest ending average from last season and add it to your list.

Now choose the highest average that you have written down on your list. That’s the average you must use to enter your first Oregon Junior Classic tournament. When you fill out your entry form, attach a copy of your highest average league sheet, the one with the average you are using, or a printed copy of the find a member result, if that was your highest average. Our rules also require you to present a current league sheet with your entry.

If you want to take advantage of the prepaid discount, then mail it to the address shown on the entry form early enough for us to receive it prior to the tournament you have chosen. If this is your first OJC tournament of the season, you will need to also pay our season membership fee of $5.00.

When you arrive at our tournament site, check in at our tournament office, fill out a membership form, and you are ready to go. See our schedule for check in time for the tournament you have chosen to enter.

We have a dress code at all of our tournaments. Check our rules for that dress code. If this is your very first Oregon Junior Classic tournament, you will be excused from our dress code, but please try to look neat, wear a shirt with a collar, and do not wear shorts or hats. Most bowlers around you will be in the required dress code, so if you want to look more like them, you are welcome to do so. Even so, you are not required to have your name embroidered on the back of your shirt for your first tournament.

If you need more information, contact us at: